The Port

The cargo port has an area of 33.000m2. It lies along a 350m Danube riverfront that currently has one RO-RO harbor capable of accommodating cargo and cruise ships. Currently, the port deals with loading and unloading vehicles. From the point of navigability, the port can be used at any time of the year, regardless of the water level, even during low water periods when only the upper Danube is navigable without restrictions.

Next to the boat station, there is an industrial freight section of the railway station, which is able to receive standard directional trains up to a length of 260m. Freight trains can be loaded and unloaded in the transhipment area.


This combination of international waterways, railways, main roads and the state border with the right depth of water, and the port's construction offers some extraordinary development opportunities to boost river transport in the area.

Due to it's size the port of Nyergesújfalu is suited to distribution, transhipment or perhaps even some completely new function on the Central and Eastern European section of the Danube. A smaller office building is available to serve companies in the area. The port area provides broadband internet with all public utilities, service infrastructure and IT systems.


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