Based on its main  RO-RO function the port can provide for loading and unloading vehicles. Its dimensions are suitable for the transhipment of passenger cars, lorries up to 12 tons unladen weight, and rubber-wheeled agricultural machinery and construction industry machines unsuited to public road transportation.

The open storage area of the harbour is surfaced and suitable for the storage of vehicles, equipment and machinery waiting to board ship.

Security at the port property is ensured by a camera and alarm system, and a 0-24h security service provides round the clock protection.

With all the necessary tools: snow throwers, salting machines and snow plows, problem-free operation at the harbour can be ensured during the winter. The For static vehicles and non-portable machines we have a 120LE tractor with front and rear hydraulics for towing, and two lift trucks of 2.5 and 5 tons for lifting. Within our group, we can provide for the transportation of normal vehicle transport vehicles and even road vehicles that are oversized and overweight.

  • Average water depth: min. 4 meters

  • At low water level: 2,5 metres

  • Winter ice barrier: None

  • Distances:

    • North Sea / Rotterdam - 1,095 rkm

    • Black Sea - 1,735 rkm

    • Budapest - 85 rkm

Characteristic data:

  • Location: at the 1,735 rkm section of the Danube

  • The shipyard area is 33,000 m2

  • Riverfront area: 350 meters of direct Danube water access

  • Ports: 1 port for RO-RO cargo and passenger ships

  • Berth: One floating berth

  • Lighting: built-in public lighting

  • Opening hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Loading time: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

  • Number of loading places: currently 1

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