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Komárom Freight Port

The port is located in the administrative area of the city of Komárom on the right bank of the Danube in the triangle of Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. The port, which is almost 1 km long, currently has 3 berths, which serve everything from passenger transportation to the loading of grain and piece goods. The port has undergone several development projects in the past year.

Our company completed the restoration of barge berth III. The berth had become unusable as it was, partly because of its damaged, crumbling and cracked surfaces, and partly because the level of the yard was 40-60cm below the level of the already renovated port road. To maximize the long-term usability of the harbour, the 240 m long section of the road has an almost horizontal slope, which has resulted in the currently ruined loading yard surface being 40-60cm below the completed excavation road. Since a width of approx.10m between the riverbank and the road is required for turning and moving semi-trailers and trailer trucks, there was insufficient space for access to the old loading yard. Thus, our company completed the complete renovation of the existing loading yard by raising the surface level. In the course of the project, the covering of the escarpment to the loading yard was reconstructed using concrete and antifreeze-blocked waterproofing stone. An important aspect of the project was the restoration of the environment, including the removal of contaminated soil and materials, and, once the construction was completed, the re-covering and grassing of the uncovered surfaces. The purpose of the investment was to improve the freight activity of the port. In particular, the improved loading and unloading of the bulk yard and adequate lighting will have a positive impact on the efficiency of loading and unloading of bulk cargo.


Szentendre passenger ship port

The Szentendre harbour is located on the right bank of the Szentendre-Danube at 11 + 000 fkm. Just a few hundred metres from downtown Szentendre. The marina and the renovated boat station are on the edge of a beautiful park. This perfect pairing form a real highlight to a trip to Szentendre. The public port is suitable for receiving passenger ships.

The earlier port infrastructure has been completely renovated. First, the existing port reception facilities at the harbour were refurbished, with bridge and supports receiving new reinforced concrete foundations. The entire length of the shoreline affected by the infrastructure has been enclosed in a stone cover set in concrete that is resistant to water erosion.

On the shore, we built a paved pavement surface for access to the harbour with a heavy concrete foundation. The float to be moored has also undergone a complete overhaul, to which the newly built bridge and supports were connected. Our company has provided water transport and its accoutrements to the site, and secured them in accordance with the building regulations.

Nyergesújfalu freight port (RO-RO)

As a member of the group, our company has commissioned the construction of a floating RO-RO harbour and associated 6000m2 hard-surface vehicle storage facility with associated utilities on the right bank of the Danube at 1735 rkm on behalf of MAHARTLOG PORT Ltd. Work began in June 2017, which in under 6 months became a port able to receive ships as part of a greenfield investment. In the case of the floating harbour, the characteristics of the area meant the designers had to create a special anchor point, where a reinforced concrete column in the bed took over the role of an intermediate connection point for the supports. The port units consist of 2 interlighter barges and a Z-barge.  The harbour is capable of loading and unloading motor vehicles, trucks and agricultural machinery with a total weight of up to 12 tonnes. After the area had been filled, a solid enclosure storage space was created with boundaries secured by an industrial fence. The complete technical specification included the construction of the area's public lighting, security and service infrastructure. Our company has developed the project from design to handover of the keys.


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