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Our company was founded in July 2016 with the aim of helping local car manufacturers by developing environmentally friendly modes of transportation. To this end, a 7000m2 area was purchased in Nyergesújfalu, where new port technology was introduced with the construction of a RO-RO terminal in January 2018.


Even in the first half year, it became clear that due to the increased demand for the port, storage capacities needed to be further increased, so it was that in addition to the existing 7000m2, another 26,000m2 development area was purchased, of which another 5500m2 was brought into operation in August 2018. In that year, our company’s port handled close to 17,000 new vehicles.


To meet increasing demand, in March 2019, our company launched further developments in the area to expand storage capacity by another 5000m2. When these investments are completed, the port's open storage capacity will increase to 17,500m2 by 2019. Seeing the demand, our company is planning to develop a new port and bulk cargo infrastructure by 2020.


We are confident that our developments in the promotion of combined transport in the region will appeal to our business partners in the for both economic and environmental considerations.


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The port is suitable for the storage and transportation of passenger vehicles and lorries of under 12 tonnes, as well as outsize agricultural and rubber-wheeled construction machinery not suitable for road transport. Additional storage and office space is available in the area.

Next to the harbor, there is a currently unused 15.500m2 development area suitable for the development by a smaller manufacturer, service provider or commercial unit that requires the use of river transport to provide logistical support.



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